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Our top priority for security products is security, not convenience. Accordingly, as a distributor of MUL-T-LOCK (Israel) of ASSA ABLOY GROUP, which is a manufacturer of world class security cylinders, we have been supplying "MUL-T-LOCK" brand products to Korea market for a long time. In addition, we are the exclusive importer and distributor of THIRARD (France) company's exclusive lock system PROFALUX, the best locking solution of THIARD, in Korea.

These two products are manufactured with the best security key technology in the world, and with the key design with the highest security level and unique structure, they are recognized for their high quality brands and their product quality from the domestic market and consumers.

In addition, our company has developed the electronic lock with the cylinder installed on the above products and has exported them to the head office of MUL-T-LOCK and to the world markets including Asia and Europe, and in line with the project market demand, we have been supplying the panic bar (Emergency Exit Device) from ISEO(Italy) and industrial security devices of STI (France).

Based on more than 30 years of experiences in LOCK & SECURITY and partnerships with world class companies, we will continue to develop high-quality, future-oriented products suitable for domestic market and provide high quality technical service, and we will do our best to increase export of related products in the future.

Our company has contracted with well-known manufacturing companies that are recognized for quality and technology in the world and has been importing and supplying core machinery and piping devices used in energy, refining, chemical, power generation facilities in Korea.

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